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           A couple of years ago, I randomly started calling myself Mr. Lucky. Why? I was just feeling good about things and starting to become more aware about life, rather than just living it. I kinda liked the sound of it. I didn’t mention the name to anyone except my wife until I started writing this book. I never imagined that I would write a book, let alone a book about my life. I’m a pretty quiet, reserved person, and the last thing I ever want is to be the center of attention.

           Mr. Lucky is not a person but a worldview, one that I have learned to appreciate as I reflect on my life. We can all consciously practice counting our blessings rather than bemoaning our misfortunes – and in so doing, increase our joy in life.​​​​​​​


            In one lesson I will describe how I turned “the stupidest idea I ever heard” into the foundation of the business I sold for millions. In another I will share a common-sense sales strategy that most business people will pooh-pooh. This simple idea will make your life better and your business much more profitable.

            The other lessons reveal the lifelong benefits we can all derive from experiences we’ve had, if we learn to think about them differently. As you read and reflect, I hope you will try reframing some of the experiences you habitually think of as negative in your life to focus on the positive you can derive from them – the wisdom, strength, resilience, or compassion you have gained; the people you have met; the wonder of it all. 


          Cumulatively, the Mr. Lucky experiences I write about here add up to a philosophy or even a spiritual practice of “how to be.” In short, this book is about how to build a life – a rich, satisfying life – from whatever circumstances you may face. Hopefully, what I have learned and will share will help us all handle whatever comes our way with more love, compassion, and grace, for ourselves, our loved ones, and for the world around us. 


          And so in this spirit I offer this book. We all have a story to tell, and I hope that reading mine will help make some of your challenges a little more manageable, and your successes even sweeter. Most importantly, I hope I can give you the knowledge and courage to believe that you have everything you need to make your dreams come true – and to find your inner Mr. Lucky. ​​​​​​​